Floating IK feet (but not really); what am I doing wrong?

I’m at my wit’s end, which admittedly isn’t very far. Why are the pawn’s feet floating in the ABP preview and in-game, but not anywhere else?

For reference, with the default idle animation, everything looks fine in the ABP preview (and in-game):

Here’s what I’m trying to do, on a completely fresh ThirdPerson project:

  1. Get animset from the Marketplace (Mocap basic, free)
  2. Import animset to project
  3. Select all animations to retarget, right-click, select “retarget animation assets”/“duplicate and retarget”…
  4. Use RTG_UE4Manny_UE5Manny, select SK_Mannequin from animset as source, SKM_Manny as target
  5. In ABP_Manny, change Locomotion > Idle(State) > Idle animation to one from the animset.
  6. Compile & save

Result in ABP preview (and in-game):
Imgur: The magic of the Internet (“floating”)

Result in Animation preview (and all other previews):
Imgur: The magic of the Internet (not “floating”)

As you can see in the ABP preview, the pose is weird, his knees are too bent. If I turn off IK, the pawn’s feet return to the ground and the knees straighten. I have therefore concluded it’s an issue with IK. It looks like the pawn is height adjusting on both feet simultaneously…

If I subtract 6 from the ZOffset_L_Target and ZOffset_R_Target in CR_Mannequin_BasicFootIK, the pawn’s feet are on the floor… but he’s still in that weirdly slouchy position, so it doesn’t solve the problem.

I’ve been searching high and low for a solution, but I can’t find anyone else having this problem. Am I personally bugged and need to do some kind of clean reinstall, or am I missing something in the way I am importing the animations, or retargeting, or … anything? Please help…

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Looks like I have found solution :slight_smile:

Update: I have updated the solution with full explanation of the problem, and solution on how to fix it.

Thanks man, I appreciate that!

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I saw your first update yesterday, but didnt really fix all my animations but helped in some cases. I just see now the second update and I will give a try!

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Yeah, the second update is actually fixing things :slight_smile: i have tested it with different animation packages like Mobility Pro, Generic NPC, etc. All animations work as expected now.

Now I’m thinking, if I have to edit UE5 mannequin skeleton to get rid of unused IK bones. Maybe unreal engine team will replace em with virtual ones at some point… :slight_smile:

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I answered directly there, I don’t know where I should answer anymore haha.