Flight Controls

I am trying to make realistic (bird-like particularly) flight controls, but I am having some issues. Right now, I have set Mouse Y to rotate the mesh up and down (pitch) and Mouse X to roll the mesh. The problem is I can’t figure out how to make pitch work when it is rolled, aka banking. When I roll it left or right, then move my Mouse on Y axis, I want the mesh to rotate(pitch) on that rotated axis, but Mouse Y just does not do anything when rolled. I have this basic setup and I searched for some examples or tutorials on internet but did not find any.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

P.S If you don’t get what I am trying to achieve, please ask me to explain.

Hey, did you add your mesh to the scene root? I had the problem when setting up my 6 DOF Pawn that it would move around but the mesh itself would not rotate at all because i forgot that. Literally just a matter of going to the components tab and dragging the mesh component onto the scene root.

Also, for a little more realistic flight behavior i use physics angular velocity.

this little wiki is really good and helpful for flight stuff:


Well I don’t really know what was causing the problem because I started another project and set up this exact blueprint and it was working. It has been pretty old so I am not sure about scene root but I don’t think the mesh was not a child of scene root since it could move normally except said condition. Thanks anyway and sorry for late reply.