Fire Action

i made a fire action like shooting games and i have a toggle camera between FirstPerson And ThirdPerson
and i don’t know how to link it with the two cameras at the same time

Your Fire Action should be its own separate thing. Go into your Project Settings and under the “Input” tab, ensure you have an input called “Fire Action” and set your appropriate button to that. Also, make a “Camera Action” input. Then in your character Blueprint, setup the event to toggle between the two cameras by Adding your “Camera Action” input and when pressed fire a “Flipflop” node, off A pin set your First Person Camera. off the B pin, set your Third Person Camera. Everytime you use your “Camera Action” input, it’ll “flipflop” or toggle between the two cameras.

I did made the inputs but can you show me some images so i can understand cause i’m completely New and sorry for wasting your time