Fighting Game Style Health Meters (Project DL Link)


Put this together for fun on a day off. Perhaps it will be of use.

Check the “<<<<NOTES>>>>” Event Graph in the BP_Player Blueprint for details.

Vine Demo

literally what i was just about to try and make

saved me some serious time :smiley:

Updated the link with a small bugfix.

Pretty cool AlanNoon, nice addition to add to my blueprint library :slight_smile:

Uh nice, always asked myself how i would go about doing this (looks cooler than just reducing the HP).

Thanks for sharing!

I’m having trouble importing this. When I open up the project it doesn’t load any of the assets and I’m left with a completely empty project. If I try and drag and drop anything into the content browser it fails to import. Do I need 4.8.3? I’m on 4.8.2 at the moment.

Edit: Yep that fixed it.

Perhaps you could help me out with this?

I’m really glad you made this. I was actually planning to do something similar!


The link to the download is offline due to a recent policy change here at Epic. A new link will be on the was ASAP

Is the link available now?Thanks very much!

Any new link available now?Thanks!

Oh i missed this :confused:

I’m really interested in a new link to download it too ^^

Any new link available now?Thanks!

Link has been updated in original post!

Thank you very much! downloading right now :slight_smile:

I support this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, Mr. Noon, any plans to update the health meters to be compatible for the 4.9 versions?

Just tested it on 4.9.2 and seems to be working fine here. What issues are you seeing?

Hi, current file has been deleted. Is there a chance to provide a new download link? :slight_smile:

Yes it would be much appreciated if you reposted the link

the link doesnt work