[Feature Request] Sub categories for parameters in materials

Well, I have been working on pretty complex material, which have a lot of exposed parameters. Right now I’m sitting on around 25+ exposed parameters and I’m not even 1/4 done with material, there will be a lot more exposed.

Single tier category is not enough to properly organize it. It would be very nice to have sub categories as well.

So I could Create main Category like:

Wall Base

And then sub categories

Wall Textures
Wall Scalars
Wall Colors

To have something like:

Wall Base:

  • Wall Textures
  • Wall Scalars
  • Wall Colors

Or even Multiple subcategories like:


  • Wall Base
    – Wall Textures
    – Wall Scalars
    -Wall Blended

Etc. It would really help organize material parameters.

This would be a great feature to add, I agree 100%.

This would be really handy for blueprint variable & function categories as well.