[Feature Request] Stuff I miss from Unity

@iLLo, I suppose you haven’t used Unity in a meaningful way. I was like you before I used it, so no worries.

  1. I meant to say updating Scene View in real-time during “Play”. This way, I can monitor what’s going on in the scene without leaving the camera and it’s very very annoying.

  2. Hiding Actors and Deactivating Actors are different. Hiding will just hide but it will interact with the rest of the scene. Again, I meant to say Deactivating as if it doesn’t exist in the scene.


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@ixicalibur, thanks for the tip. I appreciate it, however, it feels more like a hack than a tip though. ^^

Among other things, #2 is causing huge pain for me. To disable an actor temporarily, I have to delete from the scene and revert back and it often causes problems. It seems simple enough and I’m not sure if anyone from Epic watches this thread.

In my opinion, Epic is far better in many ways but one thing Unity is doing better is community support.
There is one popular thread in Unity that has many valuable feedback.


Can we perhaps start a thread like the above?

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I switched my project recently to UE 5 for a while and deeply feel the same issues, hopefully the Deactivation function will be implemented in the near future!

You could always link your feedback above and the Unity thread to here maybe.
As there’s occasional eyeballs there… Otherwise Epic DGAF much to be honest.
Love the theme: show us your pain, but that Unity thread is also way too dense.
So Epic are unlikely to study it. Maybe highlight some of the better posts here?

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Me haz glue code!
Add to YourProjectFolder/Plugins :

Can be used both at editing time or PIE, supports Undo system:


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Oh, wow! interesting. Thanks for the sharing and I’ll give it a try.

I just gave it a try in UE4. Deactivate seems to work but Activate didn’t work.
Besides, it’s hard to know whether the actor is activated or not from the WorldOutliner and also we should be able to activate/deactivate a folder and its children.
Anyway, I appreciate your efforts and it seems feasible and I hope Epic will implement it into the Editor properly in the near future.

I did not use this on Unreal 4.
What happens when click “Activate” there?

I also miss the fact that you don’t constantly have Hot Reload issues & having to “restart the editor” is not a solution to most problems. :slight_smile:

Pressing Deactivate will deactivate the actor fine. And Pressing Activate unhides the actor however, it doesn’t move. My test actor looks like this.

And a strange thing is, pressing Activate on an actor without pressing Deactivate first, will break the actor; the actor will not move as if it’s deactivated.

I think Activate and Deactivate need more sophisticated control, remembering, and restoring states.


I often forget that I have to notify the Rendering thread after a renderer property of an Actor have been modified.
The function also was improved a bit, will check “state” of the actor before modify.

This one should work now on your version of Unreal 4:


Hi, Bruno, I just gave it a try, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. Activating did not turn on the visibility of the children components. I guess it’s pretty close and I’ll probably be able to study the code and fix it myself. I really appreciate it. I wouldn’t know where to begin if weren’t for your help.

In the meantime, I guess it’s easier said than done but it will be much easier to use if…

  1. It would be convenient to Activate/Deactivate multiple actors or on a folder for convenience.
  2. There should be some sort of visual feedback on the world outliner that the actor is deactivated.

Anyway, it’s a great utility and it should be part of the default UE. In my opinion, it is a simple change but very useful. Right now, to Deactivate, we have to Deactivate the Actor and all its children components but in my opinion, deactivating the Actor should implicitly deactivate all its children without explicitly deactivating. It will make Activate/Deactivate much easier. But I guess this will require an additional flag on an Actor and it is something only Epic can do.


In code I cast to UPrimitiveComponent class.

Maybe it didn’t work on your actor because should cast to USceneComponent instead.

You forgot, We can not edit terrain at run-time in Unreal engine, In unity it’s a piece of cake.

I really wanted to have in-game editor where people can sculpt terrains but Epic never listened I hope one day we could have that feature. Using voxels is an overkill.

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+1 … I don’t get the whole deactivate actor frustration versus literally engine destroying gotchas like ^this^. Unity has had this feature for what - a decade or more? Overall landscapes / terrain in UE don’t get much love. So its best to avoid them 100% if you can.

This has to be the most requested feature ever. :wink: The talented @UnrealEverything even had this working in UDK! But Epic continue to just ignore it like its radioactive. Why??? :radioactive:

Lack of this feature honestly puts me to shame in front of my peers who use unity, they see me as a madman for still sticking with Unreal. It’s not a difficult feature to add for Epic even Cryengine had run-time terrain deformation so does lumberyard/O3DE (it’s pretty performance hungry in Cry and Lumberyard but it’s there and that is what matters).


Not sure those switching to Unreal really see its true strengths vs true weaknesses, despite 100’s of Unity vs Unreal threads (if so that’s amazing). Is it because people just see what they want to see? Maybe… As the Landscape topic definitely needs more light shone on it. But haven’t seen any high-profile engine-comparison articles in the media in a while? :wink:

I don’t really miss Unity a lot. The bigest flaw Unreal has is the content folder, users can’t make cleanup and place asset in separate folder in content folder without screwing everything or make unreal crashing. I use to buy a lot of media on marketplace and it’s a pain to have all them in content folder. Another thing, Unreal don’t have C# support, why they don’t create a bridge that will convert C# code to C++. I know that some people use some alternative but I would like to see Epic natively include this.

Wow someone remembers that :astonished:
Due to the lack of native code access back then it was more of a proof of concept or tech demo rather than being a production-ready tool. To a certain degree it was just meant to show that it was possible with a lot of unrealscript and material magic working together.
Before the Landmass and Water plugins came around the corner for UE4 I was kinda optimistic that maybe something would change with UE5. But seeing how much love these plugins got from Epic I doubt they are just going to replace Landscape. At this point the options are either wait for UEX, use a marketplace asset or roll your own implementation (if you don’t want to use a different engine).

I think the biggest problem is getting Epic involved with the community. Although I see many Epic videos, it seems nothing has changed regarding the community support from UE3 days where Epic just left things to users to help themselves. I hope I’m wrong.

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