FBX SDK with unreal

I have written a very basic importer using the fbx sdk. As a console app, it works great. Now though, I need to get it into Unreal.

I copy the code into a c++ function and add the #includes. When i compile though, I get 27 unresolved externals. I imagine that this is because it can’t find the .lib files that the fbx sdk requires.

I have edited the VC++ Library directories in preferences, but see the same result. How do I link an external Lib in an unreal project?

Has anyone used the FBX SDK with unreal? All and any tips appreciated!

many thanks.

hi antithing, yes there is a way to link .lib on unreal check this wiki page with the example, and about fbx sdk i dont know nothing, maybe ue have some prebuild class for this kindof task, watch for the documentation maybe you can find something useful, anyway in fact there is a class for generate procedural mesh and some examples in the forum, just saying


thanks for your reply. I will follow that link and see if I can get the lib to work.