Fail create session after add c++ class

Hi forum here again with another existencial question

i made a little multiplayer game, just in blueprint,all works, my game session: find and joint sucessfully,but after add a simple class in order to solve the random (floats,int) in package game my game now is break.
from other post i see is a bug, random functions dont work in package game 4.8.3 version, so i solve that with this simple class, but now i cant create session in package in editor keep working.

what can i do? i try delete OnlineSubsystem from my DefaultEngine.ini and re add again, cook and package again and dont work, im very sad


Can you post a stacktrace or log when it crashes? That would help determin what’s going wrong.

sorry but my game is not crashing the session cant be created! just in package mode, in editor keep working, this happen after add my class and i dont know why or what is happen here

check this pic, in my package game my function always return on failure

As I already didn’t work with the online subsystem I might not give a correct answer. But perhaps this might help:

Sorry that I can’t help you more.

Hell yeah dude!

seems when you work in blueprints, UE manages modules, so when i create my class the build.cs override that, so i add “OnlineSubsystem”, “OnlineSubsystemUtils” to my public modules and add “OnlineSubsystemNull” to my DynamicallyLoadedModuleNames and…