Extremely New to C++ and Unreal 4. I could really use some guidance! Please :)

Good Evening, my name is Chris and I just started going to school in hopes to learn all I can about C++. I’m hoping to gain the skills I will need to become a programmer for games :slight_smile: Currently, I am starting to get my hands into Unreal 4.7.6. I bought a couple of books that I am going to dive into during my Summer break, however, to get my hands a little dirty I found the Introduction to UE4 Programming video on Youtube. Sadly, it seems that after following the instructions on video three (creating the base pickup class) I am just getting errors. I’m not entire sure if this is the right area to post all of this, but I was hoping someone here might be able to help me, or direct me to the sources I would need to figure this out? Thank you all in advance for taking the time to help me, and I really am excited to get started with Unreal 4!

Hey, your more than welcome to ask for help on the forums. The Answerhub is also a good place to get help.

If your getting errors the best thing to do is post the errors so we can have some idea of what’s going wrong. The error probably mentions a line number and file where the error is. Post that section of code as well and someone should be able to work out what’s going wrong.

As far as learning C++ goes I don’t think UE4 is a good place to start. It uses a lot of marcos and code generation so while it is conforms to the C++ standard it will be very different from most resources you’ll find in books and online. But there are differing opinions on this so you may as well give it a go, just be warned that somethings might be confusing compared to what you read in your books.

For more resources check out the C++ programming guide: Programming with C++ | Unreal Engine Documentation, read though the API’s and check out the tutorials on the wiki.

I have a series that should help you out. ‘Beginning C++ with Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials!

Thank you very much! I will locate the Answerhub as soon as I can and post the errors that I received, hopefully someone can help me! :slight_smile:

I will check out that link as soon as I have time, I will also most likely, more thoroughly, look through that during my summer break. Thank you so much for linking that! Can I also get to the tutorials on the wiki through that link?

The only reason I wanted to work with Unreal 4 right now, is in my fundamentals of programming class, my teacher wants us to make some type of game in Unreal. He said it doesn’t have to be good, doesn’t have to be perfect, just a little something to show that we took the time to research Unreal 4. That’s why I tried to go through that “Introduction to UE4 Programming” video on Youtube. I followed all the instructions, it was easy enough to understand, I typed the code exactly as she wanted me to, but perhaps some changes from her version of Unreal and my version of Unreal caused some errors.

Thank you again for all of your help!

Wow! That is awesome! Thank you so much for that link! I am going to dive right into those tutorials as soon as I can!
As I mentioned to karltheawesome up above, my course project for my basic programming class, is to create some type of basic “game” in Unreal 4, it is why I tried following that Introduction to UE4 Programming video on the Unreal youtube page. My teacher said it doesn’t even have to be really good or anything. Just have to show him that I did research and I put some effort into it. Do you have a tutorial that could fulfill that? Thank you again for all your help! Means a lot!

Personally, I found this one really helpful 3rd Person Power-Up Game with C++. It’s a little dated now, but it should still work with 4.7.6. Does a pretty good job of showing basic C++ programming for UE4 and how it works with Blueprints.

Can never go wrong with the ShooterGame either. Both the demo one that Epic has on the Learn tab, as well as through here:

Also go check out the ongoing SurvivalGame tutorials as well: