extreem buggy crashy unreal on macbook pro 2013

it is like the subject is saying.
I am encountering two big problems, making it working with the software almost impossible.

I am working on a macbook pro early 2013.
On Mac OSX.
Unreal engine just crashes very frequent in material editor while drag / drop or changing stuf. It feels like you not allowed to touch any button without crashing the software.
It gives me a crash result window afterwards.

On bootcamp windows 10
Unreal freezes the whole system and only a hard reboot can bring me back to windows.

I am aware the my macbook may not be the most powerful hardware to work with unreal, but does anyone experience similar issues?
What are the recommend hardware specs. etc?

Currently, I prefer to work on mac because at least I don’t have to reboot my hardware all the time.

regards! T

I have no clue about MAC, but materialediting could be very performance intense.
Can you watch your free sys ressources, while editing?


Hi Millionviews,

Can you post these on the AnswerHub in two separate posts for the issues in the Bug Reports section?

Make sure to include any relevant information, especially the crash logs, call-stack, epic/machine ID when posting about crashes.

Also include any known repro steps that can cause the system to freeze along with your dxdiag/system specs for your macbook.

Thank you!