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I’ve searched for it but couldn’t find info on this: Are there any docs/tutorials/wiki pages on how to extend the editor by a plugin? I know how to create basic plugins, but am unsure how I would go about creating new editor modules using Slate that either run in a separate editor window or occupy an editor area on their own (similar e.g. to the landscape editor) and not only add a category to the details section.

I’ve also looked at the UE4 sources, but since I am new to Slate it’s really hard to grasp where to start.

Thanks for any hints!

Editor Modes

You can easily create new editor modes

I have a Vertex Snap Editor Mode you can check out the source code for

the 4.1 Source code is part of the Download file

This Editor Mode plugin is currently a pull request on GitHub

you can check out a video here!



Awesome, thanks a lot!

Hi Rastar,

One of the best ways to figure out how something is done in Slate is to use the Widget Reflector, which will show you what source code is responsible for a particular widget.

The only place that won’t work are multiboxes (toolbars, menus, etc…), which are handled thru a central system, but you can find extension points for those by turning on bDisplayUIExtensionPoints (Editor user settings) and restarting the editor. It will show the name of each extension point in green text. You can insert your own multibox contents before or after any such extension point.

Michael Noland

I have made a tutorial on this topic, have a look: [Tutorial] Intro to Editor Customization with Plugins - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums