Exporting Textures from MARI into UE4?

Hello all!

So a friend of mine sent me an OBJ of a head model he worked on in ZBrush, and textured in MARI.

In the picture shows all the texture files he worked on in MARI.
He also sent another folder called “Displace” in which he had a file that was in the extension “.exr” which is shown on the top left of the folder.
(Im assuming it means the Displacement Map?)

But what I want to do is test if what he made works in UE4…
Only problem is…how in the world can I import this into UE4?

Ive never done an import of textures from MARI into UE4 before, and I cant seem to find a tutorial on it either.

Thanks for taking your time to read this!

Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?