Experience System with working HUD

Thanks i finally got everything setup, But for some reason i do not see the bar ingame what do i need to do to see it?

Post a screen shot of your hud BP, there are a couple things that could be making it not show up. do the numbers show up though?

I was able to use your last hud SS to see the issue. in the draw material simple node, set the screen H to 15

Ok i see the bar now but, I see no numbers and there is no part of the bar being highlighted. Ill Screenshot ingame aswell as Hud/controller.







for the moment, can you set the text color in the “Draw Text” to red? you currently have it black and since your bar is black they wont show up.

once you do that, create an “event tick” in your pawn, give it a 1 second delay, then call “Get Player experience” and set the in integer to a random between 1-20.

Hopefully these should be all thats needed.

ooh wow thanks for sharing all this Hakabane!

Have you considered writing a wiki tutorial for this? that will give your tutorial the longest life span and ability to help others!


Once I get Fire through all this and we find all the spots that need to be reviewed I may, but I want to make sure people can get it done before I make a tutorial on the wiki

Ok i did that now i can see the text and stuff, but when i start my game it just auto levels, i do not see the xp bar or material or text moving, It says in the top left you have leveled and it plays the explosion emitter but nothing happens with the XP Bar.

In your EXP_BAR material editor, make sure that you name the two parameters at the very beginning the exact same as you have them in your hud graph. When these names don’t match up the exp bar does not act correctly.

They are the same name.


Here is what it looks like when i play in editor, it shows the bar and everything but all that happens is the emitter and the text on the left of the screen the bar itself stays full and does not move nor does the text inside it.

In your pawn blueprint, do you have your xp increment variable set above 0?

Edit: Also, I broke my bar when setting that value to 0 and fixed it by going into the exp_bar and hitting apply and save after it finished rendering.

Yes it is set to 0, But i just noticed when i open my pawn and i click defaults do i have to change those values at all?

just the xp increment needs to be set to what say 500 for testing. I’m still not sure why the numbers aren’t working right. I really wish I had the ability to make videos for people to follow along.

Ill retrace my steps on the tutorial. are you sure you did not forget to add a step?

I recreated everything in a new project as I wrote the tutorial. I can try following it again myself in a new project to see if anything was over looked.

Ok i followed the tutorial from the start but from what i saw everything lined up with the tutorial. So im not sure whats wrong.

Firezown, do you have a max level set? I noticed while just redoing this whole project only using this webpage, I did not clarify that greatly in my steps and without it set nothing worked, but after setting it, things came together.

Are you talking about in here.?


If thats what you are talking about yeah i did that :stuck_out_tongue:

Two things I just noticed from that screen shot.

  1. are you putting all of this in your player controller? if so that may be part of the issue. my variables are stored in my pawn.
  2. the xp increment in that screen shot is set to 0 and should be greater than 1.

Oh wow i feel like a newb now Lol i saw (MyCharacter) on the tutorial and miss read it as (MyController).

Edit: I deleted everything i had done in the play controller and moved it to the character but its the same issue :confused: