EpicGamesLauncherInstaller-2.3.2-2612545 is showing problem with direct x and it roll backs all their changes

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We’ll need more info to point you in the right direction. Can you provide an installer log. Some info on how to generate one can be found here:

Sure, here is the installer log…
please help me out …
thank you!
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From your log it looks like the DirectX installer, that is packaged in the launcher installer, returned a -9 error code. We have seen this before but we are not exactly sure what causes the failure. The answer in the following thread should get you past the issue though.

thanks a lot . now it has installed.
i wanna know something …
should i install the further UE 4 or should i wait for the windows 10 update because i’ve got a update notification of win 10 home.

There is no need to wait for Windows 10.