epicgameslauncher is not a valid win32 application

hello, i try to start epicgameslauncher after installation but i get this error that its not a valid win32 application.

i run windows xp pro 64bit service pack2, so i dont understand why i get this.
is there another way to get unreal enginge/tournament 4?

i really can not install another OS because this system has a holy amount of software that is impossible to reconfigure and reinstall. is there a linux version?

Probably you need Windows 7 x64. I’m not sure if UE4 support Windows XP or Vista.

I’ve seen it work on Vista 64bit…
But I would not recommend it on that HORRIBLE OS. Go get windows 7, 8 if you must run it on windows.

Also as a user of the Linux version, I can with confidence, say it works great most of the time. (I recomend Ubuntu or Linux mint for running UE4.)

Hi everyone,

We officially support Windows 7 and 8. While it may work on earlier OS versions, we cannot guarantee that it will or that the experience will be satisfactory.

Sorry to necro this old thread.

What was the last version of Unreal Engine that supported /worked on XP 64 bit?


UE4 does not support XP, it requires DirectX 10 or higher which is not available on XP. If you’re stuck on XP then chances are that your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to run the engine anyways.