Epic game launcher not opening

really need help cant get this program to work tried all the basics. i have now found this i dont know if anything in there actually relates to the problem. [dxdiag][1]
[Epic Game launcher][2]


Did you try this troubleshooting?


The card only supports DX9 according to the online documentation:

Supported Graphics APIsOpenGL 2.0 ICD with immediate mode support for all OGL primitive typesDirectX 9.0c


And you need dx 11 to run the Engine.

Altho check if the PNG’s are even there since all the log errors are PNG related.

yes i have indeed tried all the troubleshooting listed in there with no success. now unfortunately i am stuck as to what to do next.

ok so i sounds like would need a different graphics card correct? if so what would be an optimal card that supports dx11? would i be better off building a computer more stable to support what im trying to do?if so what specs would you recommend. i also do a lot of cad/cam work. also as far as the PNG’s how do i check for that?

Well there is a difference between optimal and optimal in a UE 4 way.

From the Nvidia 600 (and up) series almost every card supports it.
But depeding on how big your project is gonna be and how GPU intensive you wanna build it.

You might need to go to a top end card a 770, 780, 970, 980 in order to rly make it work.

But if its just for something small youc an take a GT 730 orso they cost around 60-70 euros (66-76 USD)

Regarding the PNG’s
they are in:
(your installation dir)\Epic Games\4.10\Engine\Content\Slate

in the different dir’s check the logs to see wich one fails.