Engine Features Preview 2/13/2015

Wow, I just tried it on Vivaldi on my work laptop and went from 30 fps (Opera/Chrome) to capped 60 fps. Not that I would expect less from the browser of gods, though.

Im getting capped 60 fps on Chrome on my desktop. But i can see resolution is lower than native.

sorry this is a little off topic,
the physics doesn’t seem to slow it down at all :slight_smile: thought it might be that causing slowness to start with.
anyone tried to build anything? did it slow the framerate?

(look at the silver block and press enter, you can then control any thrusters attached. enter again to stop controlling it)

Just as a counterpoint, I actually don’t mind the color buttons at all. Only a few are colored and a few colors are used. It can be handy to have call outs for the blueprints and components buttons amongst the sea of things to click on.

Maybe a middle ground solution would be to have a desaturate buttons checkbox in the preferences.

I get something around 58 fps in chrome on my computer.

Would it be possible to provide a path for the automatic reloading? So that for example one could set the 3dsMax project’s export folder as the main directory for auto reload?

You can do that in Editor Preferences … Loading and Saving … Directories to Monitor (it’s hidden by default underneath the AdvancedDisplay arrow).

Michael Noland

:o had not checked myself. But from the information provided, it sounded to me as if only the content directory of a project would be used for automatic reloading. Great to hear that this is not the case and thanks for clarification!

That works with this feature?

I am pretty sure it does but I am just curious why it says to save it in your Content folder. Also if you do save source art to the Content folder, will those files be included when you package a game? Or will it ignore those files instead? I can see it being a problem if the source art files get included…

Otherwise I think it’s a really cool feature and it will save a lot of time.

As best as I understand it, the content folder is implicitly included in the ‘file watching’ list, the other list is really ‘additional directories to watch’.

When you cook/package a build, it ought to only include the .uasset files, not the source assets intermingled in there.

Michael Noland

OK, so I just tried the AutoReload feature.
My first observation is, that it does not really react to my changes to an asset and only reloads after I “re-enter” the path again, or for example remove and add back the final slash to the path.
I am using a network drive/path under Windows 7. It works for local folders! Do I have to set any options under Windows to get this to update?

My second observation is that I think it would be more convenient to have the AutoReload path settings under the project settings and not editor preferences. (Or maybe even have a path in some kind of global editor preferences (that will always get used) and have a project based path option in combination). Although I also have to say that if editor preferences are project-based, why distinguish between the 2 settings in general? Seems like a design flaw to me.

Another problem: What does “Auto Create Assets” mean? I did not get it to work within both network environment and local folder but shouldn’t duplicating an fbx-file trigger the Auto Create? And if so, would it use the previous fbx import setting or just open the fbx dialog? Also, does this option imply that the sub-directories will get replicated in the content folder? For example does sub-folder ‘foo’ where asset ‘bar.fbx’ is located get replicated in my project’s content folder? My point is: I either don’t get what this should be doing or it does not work as intended?

If you do this, could you guys implement an actor policy for “event tick” or something similar? Like allow “Event tick” or “update” if actor is visible/possible visible/always/never/etc?

I have an AnswerHub post about it, sadly no dev answered, I think this feature is not in engine yet. Post is here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/173543/how-to-event-tick-actor-only-if-is-visible.html

This thing is in CryEngine for entity “SetUpdatePolicy”: ScriptBind_Entity - Technical Documentation - Documentation

We need this for actors especially if we abuse “Event Tick” aka update for different actors.

I suspect that the operating system level file system events are not working properly for a network-mapped path. We’ll have a look at that specifically and see if there are any issues.

Thanks for the suggestion - we may well look to refine where these settings live. I think you’re right that having a project-wide ability to set the monitored paths would be beneficial.

So, auto creating and deleting assets is currently only implemented for monitored directories that have a virtual mount point (ie, /game/, /engine/ etc). When we put the feature in, we decided that it would be too much of a balancing act knowing where to actually import files, and that automatically deleting assets relating to external files seemed dangerous. Prompting the user for an import location would be a poor user experience if many files were added. Auto-reimporting manually imported assets should work fine for external directories however. In any case, try having a shot at this feature with the default settings, adding content to the Content directory and you should see it working as you’d expect.

Thanks for your feedback!

No problem, Andrew and thanks for the feedback. Concerning the windows network drive. If you need me to file a bug report for tracking purposes, I am willing to help :slight_smile:

Too bad Line Trace functions are not returning physics materials on 4.7; can’t use it.

This should be fixed in our next release.

Blueprintable components and automatic importing seem really cool!

Thanks guys!