Engine download stuck as queued

It has been stuck at queued for over an hour. I can’t cancel any individual download. Pausing is unresponsive.

Hi there, I’m not sure what is causing this issue, but I would try exiting the launcher and reloading, then go to the library and try to remove the engine slots by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right corner of each slot. You will probably need to cancel all 3 downloads, exit the launcher and restart, then choose one version to install and press the download button. But make sure you are only downloading one at a time to avoid any issues.

An alternate way to cancel is to click the small ‘X’ beside the pause button on the Library tab.

If that doesn’t help, please go through this troubleshooting guide to get it back up and running:


Once I restarted, I was able to remove the 4.3.1 (wasn’t able to previously). The others started downloading once that happened. Thanks.

i had the same problem, turned out i first needed to quit my update on fortnite restart end then it worked

also make sure the editor is closed

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