Editor Crash

I’ve done a reinstall of my drivers previously but I will be sure to check the connection to my GPU and motherboard.

Good deal! Did the drivers make a difference after the reinstall?

The drivers didn’t make a difference at the time. I think the problem was with the version of UE I was using. I upgraded to 5.4 about a week ago and started on a new project and it hasn’t given me a problem so far despite being much larger. I think it might have been that I hadn’t verified my install previously cause I didn’t know that I could lol

Oh, yea that might do it. But, I’m glad that you got it working! Great job!

Thank you, I really appreciate the help through this. Being a new dev is stressful lol
I will mark this thread as answered if by the end of the month I remain error free.

Sounds awesome! I know exactly how being a new dev feels. This forum is a great place to find answers. Utilize it. It’ll help! Have a good week!