Editing Posts doesn't work - And various other forum bugs

I haven’t been able to edit posts since the change over to the new site. I can press the Edit button, and edit the text, but when I hit Save Edit it doesn’t do anything so the post is not updated. The only workaround I’ve found is to delete the post and re-post.


Sorry for the problem, that should not be happening. We are investigating what broke.


I also get this periodically…

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Yeah, right after I said it I was able to edit a post. It MIGHT be that you can’t edit replies to people. The post I edited was just my own, not in reply to anyone. Let’s see with this one…


Well, there goes that theory. lol. I edited this post twice. Debugging is fun!

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Also, I’m not sure if it’s worth starting another thread, but I’ve noticed that several posts that previously had images embedded from other sites, no longer work. I used to host my images on my own website due to the fact that forum storage seems to eventually get wiped and the pictures disappear. Now that you guys did the update I’ve noticed a lot of posts with images in the answers no longer work. It’s especially fun coming from a google search to an answer that’s no longer there :stuck_out_tongue:

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It doesn’t always happen, yesterday I wrote this post and I misspelled “Probably”, I tried to correct it several times but it just doesn’t seem to work, I’m able to edit other posts regularly

(I linked it hoping that it could help you identify the issue)

Hey @Ares9323, @TorQueMoD — both of your accounts look like they should be able edit your posts in the backend. What are you seeing then you are unable to edit? Is the pencil edit icon not available or is it giving you an error?

Do you have any examples you could share for us to chase down?

Sure! Here it is, just recorded:


When it happens - seemingly sporadically - everything looks normal, but when you hit the button to save the edit, nothing happens. The pop-up window on the bottom of the page stays open and doesn’t submit the update. When this happens, refreshing the page does nothing. The only option is for me to copy the text, delete the old post and then post again fresh. Oddly enough, I haven’t had the issue since starting this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Amanda.Schade @Hourences

You can’t edit posts in this thread for example. There’s no error. Clicking on the pencil works. You just can’t click on SAVE EDIT even though the button looks normal. You can create new posts and delete those though, so its not all bad. Maybe it’ll help Epic track this down, as it seems similar to the permissioning issue with the Announcements thread where replies were blocked.

+1… Happy 1-year anniversary Discurse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There’s still too many broken images on the forums!!! Images in PM’s are gone! Sent reports of broken threads like these 2 below for a year, but Epic just ignore it. Was hoping fixing these would actually fix other things such as broken images in PM’s. :crossed_fingers: Some of the lost BP images in the first thread below actually come from this other thread which survived. So links to images have gotten broken somehow, along with images that were directly uploaded to Epic servers using ‘upload to server’ originally on the old forums.

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I fixed the images manually on the thread that I noticed most recently. If I notice any others I’ll link them.

I found another issue today. When replying to a post that has a quote inside of it, it only quotes partially and doesn’t show what it’s going to quote in the body of my reply so I can’t shorten it. Normally I’ll remove the first quote when I want to reply to the second person.

Here’s a link to this happening:

I hit reply to xadamxful’s post and solution, but you’ll see that my message partially quoted MostHost_LA for some strange reason.

I also I just replied to you, but I don’t have the option to quote what you wrote. I was trying to quote reply to your “Do you have any examples you could share for us to chase down?” message.

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It looks like the editing issue you all are seeing here has to do with how the replies are interacting with Q&A topics that don’t have a version tag assigned to them. We’re digging in with the devs to find a fix to this behavior—thanks for reporting it!

We’ve tracked down the missing images and are working on a script that’ll restore these items. We hope to have them restored soon.

Let me dig in on this one and circle back. Thanks!

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Wanted to circle back and let you all know that this one has been fixed! Thanks again for the extra details :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks Amanda!