Editing HeroFPP character! HELP!

Hey, I am wondering how do I edit the HeroFPP skeletal mesh so that I can change the gun to my own, and the hands too. Like editing it as an obj. or 3ds. file or some ■■■■. Or if you can, how to do that in Ue4.

It’s the FPS sample project im talking about, when you create a new project.

How did you import your custom weapon in?

Anyone? :confused:

Hello GlitchSack,

You can right-click any mesh asset in your content browser, then select “Export”. You can then export it as an FBX, which can be imported into a 3D modeling program.

There are a few resources on altering the weapon available already. You may wish to look at this tutorial video:

Here is a forum post about creating a new weapon from scratch:

And another post from a new user seeking advice on weapons:

Let me know if this helps,