Editing a struct array closes up the panel

Branch: Launcher

Build Version: 4.7.1

Description: Editing a Struct array in a blueprint class causes the panel to close up - it doesn’t do it if there is a value in the textbox, so editing seems to work as expected


  1. Add a custom struct
  2. Create a blueprint actor class
  3. add the custom struct variable and make it an array
  4. add a few elements
  5. toggle the drop down to see all elements
  6. choose an element and toggle it to open it
  7. edit a text field and press enter or tab
  8. panel closes up

Hi GeeksGoneBad,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this in a new project. Does this occur in a new project for you, or only in your current project? Was your project converted up from a previous engine version? When you say the panel closes up, do you mean the variable details collapses? Does this only happen with String structure elements? Are you sure you’re not compiling and/or saving when you’re hitting enter? Any other details that might help us reproduce this behavior here? Thanks!

I just created a new project and I could not reproduce it either so it seems its just in my current project that was converted from a previous version - so maybe it’s a false alarm then - sorry about that!

That’s okay, but I’d like to enter a bug report for it if we’re able to find a reproduction case. Did you upgrade the project from 4.6.1? Did the structure and bp exist in the previous version, or did it happen with a new one in the converted project?

it was upgraded from 4.6.1 and the struct did not exist before the upgrade, I’ve also crated a new struct in the GameState blueprint and it did not do it - I think this was a phantom problem

Okay, sounds good. If this pops up again, please let us know. I’ll go ahead and resolve this post for now. Thanks for the report!

I’m having the same issue with my current project, and similarly can not repro in a clean project.

Hi all,

One of our team members was able to reproduce this issue, and we’ve entered a bug report for it: UE-12900. I wasn’t aware this had happened until now, but I wanted to make sure you knew. This is still being worked on, but I will watch it and let you know if there’s any update. Thanks for the report!

Hi Taisaku,

Thanks for letting us know! I didn’t another search in our bug database, and it looks like this was reproduced internally. See the answer below.

I have been sticking with 4.6 waiting for 4.7 to stabilise.
I did an upgrade test today to 4.7.5.

The bug described by GeeksGoneBad is the first thing I noticed and it happens every time (very distracting & time consuming).

In my blueprint I have created an array variable (myArrayOfStructs) of type MyBooleanStruct. MyBooleanStruct is a struct that contains e.g. ‘IsVisible’ :[boolean]

I wish to edit the ‘IsVisible’ property in element [0] of my array.

In my blueprint I select myArrayOfStructs in the variables panel and its array elements are displayed under the details tab.

I open element [0] and tick ‘IsVisible’ to set it to true, but every time it is ticked(clicked) the whole panel closes up. Panel also closes up when editing a float value then selecting another property.

This never happened in 4.6.

Hi ash22,

Thanks for the extra notes! The issue has been reported already in UE-12900, but it’s still being looked into. It will likely not be fixed until after the 4.8 release. I have updated the bug with your notes.

Any update on this? I have a rather large struct with nested structs for 2d+ arrays that are becoming exceedingly tedious to edit. Just curious if a fix is planned for 4.9.

Not yet. It’s currently marked as a possible 4.10 fix, but there’s no guarantee. It definitely won’t make it in time for 4.9 official, however. I’ll post here when I see a fix come in.

Was wondering if there is an update on this? Working in 4.11.2 and this bug is still there.


This issue is currently investigation by our developers; however, there is currently not a timeline for when a fix will be released.

Have a great day