East Coast Dev Tour: 11/12 and Boston 11/14 - UPDATED

We have two talks at MIGS, though these are not part of that - this is taking place after the conference, your RSVP on the Eventbrite should be enough!

Great news. Hope to see you there.

So nice that you take the time to come visite in Montréal! I know we have a big video game industry , but still nice that you come in Montréal for the tour!

So I will be there, exited to meet member of the community and guys from Epic!

Do come say hi :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to video tape the talks? I wish I could see all of the talks hapenning at 4:00 but I obviously can’t be at two places at once : It’s so hard to pick one! I will try to video tape as much as I can on my phone and will post what I got on the forums. Does anyone else plan on doing it as well?

any chance to put the presentations videos online?

Looking forward to seeing you Epic devs in Boston, I’ll be hitting the animation and VR talks for sure. :slight_smile:

I can’t print my tickets (no printer) and I can’t seem to get the EventBrite app to hook up to my registration. Can I just choose the “print tickets” option and put the resulting pdf on my phone? With that be acceptable at the door?

we’ll get you covered. Find me if you have any problems.

Thank you, Chance. You’re a gentleman.

Will be there tomorrow, see you guys there!

Come say hi! And show me how delicious Bacon Man is

Ha will do!

A big thank you to all the Epic folks for putting on a great event in Boston!

Everyone was very friendly and helpful and I enjoyed all the sessions I was able to attend.

Just want to second this. Very informative sessions and I don’t think the Epic team could have done a better job answering our questions. Thank you so much!

Just came back home after going to both the and Boston Dev Tours, it was truly worth it and a well designed awesome event. Learned a lot, got the chance to ask so much questions, and met many great devs. Thanks Epic Games and very special thanks to Chance Ivey and Hosfelt for their talks.