Dual monitor with two different cameras in-game

I’m trying to figure out how to make a game that uses a second monitor, and provide a different view in each monitor (uses different cameras placed in the same map/level).
Really is so one would be the ‘playable monitor’ and the other a sort of ‘spectator’ mode.
Is it feasible with blueprints?

I think it possible only if to run 2 clients in local pc with dedicated server. And use different logic for 1st and 2nd players.

Try to run game with this settings


That seems straight forward enough for previewing, thanks!
Am I right in assuming this will only work for in-editor previewing? Is there a way to run a dedicated server also in the packaged version?
I will be showcasing this at an event, so would rather not run it in-editor.

This is what I found. Maybe there is some more information on forums

Thanks! It seems like it should work. Won’t have enough of the game in to test it properly until some weeks from now, but it should work.