[DOWNLOAD] World-Machine Compreensive Terrain

Whenever I load the heightmap into Unreal Engine, it just crashes. It’s amazing terrain, and I really want to mess around with it but I can’t get past this issue.

Well its quite large , so given your machine specs it might not work really well, and be reminded as I noted, WM pro has tiling support compared to free version so you won’t be able to load this map ( assuming its a tiled world) into free World Machine (WM).

Are you getting any crash errors, log file ? ( That would help a lot)

You can create your own ‘amazing terrain’ yourself, with similar apps so while very nice, its not magic and easily reproducible.

WM is severely limited in ‘size’ , where a app like L3DT isn’t as much, but even there you still get no tiling ( afaik) without pro version and as noted I’m not at all sure WM is actively supported, etc.

Could you PM me a .r16 or .png so I could import into unreal? I don’t need any of the masks, just the hightmap
Don’t really have the coin for World Machine and whenever I export from the free tool and try to import into unreal my engine crashes :\


I have the same problem - it just tries to create from the imported file and then Unreal crashes, with no error report. I have found that if I keep trying eventually (maybe one in 8 goes), it works - for no reason. It does this with all my worldmachine r16 files. Its really annoying, but I don’t know how to fix except just keep persevering. I’m on 4.12 UE4 and the standard version of World Machine…