[Download/Patch Data Issue] Launcher wont download Engine

Everytime I try to download the engine it gets to about 2% and then it gets an error. How do I fix this? Is there an alternative way to download the engine?

UPDATE: this is my error. “Install Failed: Could not download patch data. Please try again later”

Hi Joshua,

What error message are you getting? Feel free to post a screenshot.

If it is “Error: No Version Information Received”, please look at this section.

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If that doesn’t work, try the suggestions in the “Launcher is Unable to Download Content” section.

I’m getting the same thing. It says “Install Failed: Could not download patch data. Please try again later”

It could be their servers. Since they recently made it free, there could be tons of people trying to download it at the same time.

Slitka maybe correct. It could very well be the high traffic that we are experiencing right now. Multiple users have reported issues with this error.

Im having the same issue, it may be due to the servers not sure

Edit* possible solution i looked in the troubleshoot link and added this in the launcher shortcut properties -HTTP=Curl add it at the end of the targert path

Hi everyone,

This is due to the high volume of traffic that we are seeing. We are working to fix the issue now. Please retry downloading the engine and post back here if the issue resolves or not.



Awesome. It seems to be fixed. It has gotten way past the point where it was stopping before. If I don’t post back, then I didn’t run into any problems. If I do run into something, I’ll let you know!

I had a feeling. I’m attempting a re-install now.

Alright so I was getting stopped at 2% but now it seems to be working. Currently at 15%. Thanks for your help TJ, glad it wasn’t anything too serious.

Can you grab debug logs for us?

  • If you go to the gear menu in the top right corner there should be an option to “Enable debug logging” click that.

  • Reproduce your issue of trying to Install the engines.

  • After attempting to install the engines go back to the gear menu and select “Show Launcher Logs” and post the latest file.

-Max B.

Hey again everyone,

To help us better understand this issue, could you all post your ‘Verbose Logs’ for us.

It’s now much easier to get those logs. Just follow the steps in the link below.