Does UE4 work on Nexus 7 ?

Hi. I want to get a tablet, not very expensive, that could run UE4 properly. Is Nexus 7 supported ? If not, what tablet alternatives should I consider, at a similar price range ?

Obviously…I’m refering at 2013 edition.

Get the nvidia shield tablet.

If you want to run UE4 on a tablet, it better have the K1 chip.

It could probably be optimized specifically for that, but there haven’t been enough people working with Android to get an idea of how well it runs or how difficult it is to get things working well.

Unfortunately, Shield tablet is not availble in my country.
Here are the Nexus 7 2013 specs:

Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S4Pro
CPU Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait
GPU Adreno 320

Also supports Android L

Android “L” also contains major new
platform features for developers; over
5,000 new APIs were added for use by
apps, [11][12] and the Dalvik virtual machine
was officially replaced by Android Runtime
(ART), a new environment introduced as a
technology preview in KitKat. [13] ART is a
cross-platform runtime which supports the
x86 , ARM , and MIPS architectures in both
32-bit and 64-bit environments. Unlike
Dalvik, which uses just-in-time compilation
(JIT), ART compiles apps upon installation,
which are then run exclusively from the
compiled version from then on. This
technique removes the processing overhead
associated with the JIT process, improving
system performance.[14]

The Android Extension Pack APIs also
provide graphics functions such as new
shaders , aiming to provide PC -level graphics
for 3D games on Android devices. [8][15]

On Compatibility page, I could see only N7 2012 which used Tegra 3, unsuported. Could N7 be supported on Android 4x and/or Android L ? Will Epic support this device ? Has anybody tested it ?

The Android devices tested at Epic currently:

Larger list from the community:

UE4 mobile needs more advances. I hope it becomes versatile enough on the low end. Ideally, it would run lightweight games (e.g. chess, puzzlers, Bejeweled style, etc.) on lesser devices – requiring only what’s expected for a less demanding game – so I needn’t resort to using an additional engine (Cocos2d, etc.) to support the average touchscreen user worldwide. I’m hopeful. We’ll see how the lists improve.

If I were choosing an Android right now, I’d pick Nexus.

There’s no beating the simple fact that it’s first in line for Google’s updates and built-in support. A recent example is Chromecast screen casting. I’d personally hold off till the next generation though. Nexus 7 (1st) was released July 2012. Nexus 7 (2nd) was July 2013. Some new ones are rumored for October, I think. As for UE support, I assume Nexus is very high on the queue to get UE support. But it’s understandable if you’re eager and it won’t suffice.

Adreno 320 used in Nexus 7 II is supported, but cannot run all the features.

i just recently bought a nexus 7 i assume its the 2013 model it has the snapdragon processor and 1980 x 1200 resolution and started testing…i didnt expect the results from the k1 tegra demo but didnt expect it to be quite as bad as what I got…lighting looks terrible…load times are huge and theres no splash screen while loading option like ios so its just blackness until app loads…however i did find that if i just used emisive materials with no directional light source load times were very quick…i also tested using the vehicle gametype with the epic 4wd model and the slowdown was very bad like 20 fps max in small level

I just read a post by the user TheJamsh who tested on a shield with tegra K1 and it sounds like he got the same results with lighting due to the fact that epic used a modded version for the k1 demo…so i take it that this means that an update is in the works so the k1 is useable and hopefully this will fix some of the nexus7 issues as well…i do feel for epic though as android support is not an easy thing compared to the limited hardware set of ios devices even the same android models have different gpus in different countries

Easiest check - 2013 has a camera on the back, first generation does not. doesn't work well at all. Have you tried running UE4 with Android L preview OS ?

Will Epic fix these issues soon ?

The compatibility guide that was posted on the wiki was also made by Epic staff. We are very actively testing as many devices as we can and we consider mobile compatibility a top priority. Jeff Albert, Matt Williams and John Mauney are spearheading that effort. Just by comparing the size of the two charts, you can see how much progress they have made. I just spoke with Jeff and he says that there are more updates are coming soon.

I might try the L-preview if i get time…i think epic will greatly improve android support over probably the next 6 months…i hope so anyway…i have heard of a few games released on google play made with ue4 then removed due to it not running on other devices…also tested the mobile temple marketplace example on nexus7 and it renders a little blurry and has poor framerate…blackjack worked well but some cards rendered with black lines through them(fixable though) and swing ninja worked really well…im hoping in future destructible meshes and post processing will work on mobile

If you test the L build, please let me know the results.

Nice that Epic considers improoving android compatibility. In the future, will Nexus 7 run UE4 as great as on Nexus 5 ?

That is our plan. It should not be too difficult considering the strength of the technology. We have had reports of it working on Nexus 7. The reason it’s not on the list is because we have not yet done the official pass, but we are very confident it is capable of running UE4 games.

Surface Pro 2 125GB or 500GB can run Unreal Engine 4 in-fact it isn’t even a tablet it does look like a tablet its a computer. Do not get Surface 1 & 2 and RT get the one that has Pro those are the computers that can run Unreal Engine 4.

I have a Surface Pro 2 125GB

I also do photoshop on my Surface Pro 2 with my digitizer

Surface pro is an actual computer, if you want a computer with more graphical power you can get something better for less although it won’t be as small.

Who said I’m using this for graphical? I have iBuypower laptop for that. My Surface Pro 2 is only for photoshop because of Wacom drivers pre-installed.

You were recommending a computer to someone who wanted an Android tablet that could run UE4 games well.

Yeah at low settings