Does this bother anyone else?

Market place or not, it won’t stop people from selling and buying assets through different mediums, marketplaces like that are nothing new either for Unity or Unreal

A Market Place makes sense in today’s Game Dev Market and really demonstrates EPIC’s commitment to supporting Game Production at every level. I enjoy watching the invisible iron-curtain being tore-down between professional/independent/amateur Game Producers. I’ve been preparing for this and have every intention of buying and selling assets in the MarketPlace. I realized a decade ago that Game Producers desire unique and customizable Entities in their productions. Uniqueness and exclusivity is non-existent for assets mass distributed in a online marketplace. However, I have 2-part Strategy to improve this dilemma: 1) UMECHS, 2) supplied with Modular Interchangeable Asset Parts. If you’re interested in knowing more about this strategy, PM me.

You have to understand that for many people this is a way to make money. No one is going out of their way to specifically screw over poor students. If a student is really serious about game development they will find a way to afford the tools and assets that they need, if they need. (Whether that be a job, a loan, or other options). Considering how much game development software costs, I don’t think the marketplace is really going to change much. Nothing in life is truly free.

Exactly, and the opposite holds true for those with the ability to create character/environmental assets but lack the know how to program. It’s a win for both.

For me the marketplace is a plus, as extensions and content packs can be useful for obtaining new functionality and assets for prototyping.

I would like to insist that the storefront is curated though - if anyone can put any old **** up on it, it’ll fill up with rubbish very quickly. I’d rather the quality bar was kept high.

It’s good to have Marketplace you get lots of benefit from it. however, i won’t get anything from Marketplace.
Reason: You can’t get a job in Game Industry if you’ve bought stuff from Marketplace.
My personal reason: I want to work everything by myself.

PS: Marketplace is only good for those who wants to develop their own game and don’t want to work at Game Studio(like DICE, Infinity wards…).

Indy developers use to hire freelance, marketplace is normal.

But i am worry about the quality of products, I hope some kind of severe quality control the part of epic.

So when do we get full functionality for marketplace?! Everyday scanning 5-6 times for new releases from EPIC and there goes nothing…Last content pack -blueprint office is great ,but very very small amount of useful things there…so if they are going to add content every 10 days thats very long period …=(

Yeah I think developers trying to sell games made up entirely of marketplace assets might find very quickly how rough the games industry can be. I think people would much prefer lower graphical quality but uniqueness over high quality generic assets.

Epic just look at number of views of topics which are about content .(right now at “Content creation” ,topics like “stained glass window material”,“tree and foliage materials” and so on…)People want to get something which can be used in their projects. Many MMO games changed their business models to free-to-play ,and get large piece of profit by selling ingame items, even you (I mean EPIC GAMES) decided to give us this AMAZING engine for only 19$ (thank you btw).SO my point is ,please extend functionality of market place ,make it 1st in your list of future additions to engine .
We NEED these cool materials ,assets and so on.Everyone would be glad to buy it!Of course if the PRICE is reasonable!

I can’t wait to see new systems start to coming from the marketplace. Just think what it made for Unity with NGUI. Playmaker and so on… It can grow up even more the UE4 pool of features without any work form Epic team. In that view it’s a very good thing. But it have another point, in Unity they simply forget about develop build-in features because “there’s already in Unity Store” such a decent GUI ( that is in development for ages ) and a good build in visual script language (they give up). So Marketplace content is a good thing but don’t have to make the Epic team lazy in develop a good build-in solutions for what is necessary ( and it cost $75,00 subscription not $19,00 ). About content, i don’t think any serious studio have pay for pre made specific asset, but it’s good for common (cars, vegetation… ) assets, little studios and solo programmers to start work and study. Marktplace is a good thing and Epic make a right decision to add it in the Unreal ecosystem.

You are quality control, if things look like nice then you don’t buy it, if you want to sell assets better then other’s then you need to do better job. Market quality drives by it self and it’s not AppStore where standard consumer is casual. Everyone should have right to sell there assets, but if it’s worth buying thats a diffrent quastion you need to anwser yourself, not Epic

That’s exactly what’s happened with the Unity store ambershee. Droves of complete rubbish that shouldn’t even be free, let alone for sale. Epic or the guys in control of the market place need to test every asset uploaded, (free or not) and delete all the rubbish that people upload. :cool:

i don’t agree. there are search filters etc, but remember, someone else’s rubbish, is another man’s treasure. this same discussion came up on the Unity boards. i believe things should work as advertised at the bare minimum, free or otherwise, but i i disagree with the subjectivity required to determine what’s rubbish and what’s not. i find all kinds of things useful that others might not, and vice versa. some times it’s just down to timing. something you might think is rubbish now, might contain sonething you might be able to use in the future.


I hated Unity asset store as it was full of rubbish that didn’t work. Even the “better” assets like ngui were still cobbled together ****. I hope there will be some sort of strict controls on the UE4 asset store. But also I do believe that the UE4 framework will suit assets much better than Unity where assets have that duct tape, shoehorned feel.

Think you should re-read what you said and think of it again. Like others said it can also be used for prototyping. It’s also a great way to support (if possible) but most of all LEARN new things by studying others work. Plus most of the times no need to re-invent the wheel.

If I see a quality produce for 100 bucks that will save me 100 hours of work I’d buy it.