Do I need any previous experience to use Unreal Engine?

So I bought Unreal Engine and it runs perfect(thank you epic for releasing this!), although I just bought it because I wanted to dabble into game development. I am following tutorials although I feel like I am supposed to know something prior to using UE4 while watching tutorials. So what is minimum requirement of knowledge and what is recommended amount of knowledge prior to using Unreal Engine 4 efficiently because I want to use it to do serious projects in future. Also any third party software that can help me use unreal engine efficiently? So basically I am a newb to game development in general.

Hey MrMaker,

Going through basic tutorials is probably going to help you most, both in getting comfortable with editor and understanding game development in general. video tutorials are a great starting place: https://www…com/playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gaCL2XjKluO7N2Pmmw9pvhE

Another great place for tutorials is forum:

You can take a look in there and see if there are any ground-up tutorials you can follow along with.

And of course there are tutorials post on our Wiki:

I would recommend trying this one:

If you’re looking for a basic intro to game development, there are several very good books out there. Do a search on Amazon for Game Development, and look for titles that teach basics. You might benefit from this series, despite it being a few years old:

Other than that, become a part of community on forums and ask questions there! community is very supportive and you may find exactly what you need there.

Hope that helps!

I like to thank you for suggestions above and book recommendation. Also do I need previous programming experience to use Blueprints?

You don’t need programming experience, though it definitely helps. Blueprints is a great way to learn how programming works in general without having to dive into actual code, but it is derived from programming and some understanding of object oriented programming will make it a lot easier to use.

As you start working in Blueprints system, your best bet is to start with tutorials and get basics down, then start experimenting and see what you can come up with! A good place to start learning Blueprints is video tutorials I linked above. There are some great videos out there from community, too. I would recommend looking up Tesla on forums and following his various tutorials. Here’s a link to one of them for setting up basic player input via blueprints:

Good luck!

Thank you for your inputs I feel much more confident is learning Unreal engine 4, have a good day!

Happy to help =)