Distance Traveled

That’s actually an idea I haven’t thought off (Poll the Distance once and not per Tick).
Yeah, you should set the StartLoc on BeginPlay (or whenever your Game Starts) and EndLoc on GameEnd (not after the Player is destroyed tho), get the difference from both Location and get The VectorLength. This is the total distance travelled.

Yeah i did that and it worked but i got one problem. It doesn’t feel like this is the right measurements. After running for like 3seconds its around 6,000 how can i have it increase slower?

Here is how it looks now with displaying the vector length but it increases at to fast of a rate.

Well, your velocity is too high I guess. Keep in mind that Unreal uses cm as a measuremeant ( 1uu = 1cm). If you have smaller measurements (your person is smaller than compared to real world), you need to adjust this of course. I suggest to scale everything to real world scale (1uu = 1cm)

Thanks Dividing it by 100 after the vector length works. 1uu = 1cm 100 cm = 1 meter.