Dialogue Boxes

Evening. Happy Holidays!
How are you all?

I’m running into a slight problem. I want to use text-based dialogue in my game, but I ran into two roadblocks:

  1. I made a texture of a dialogue box in Photoshop. I know how to draw a texture/text to the HUD, but do I need to go through the “draw _ on trigger” process for EVERY piece of dialogue? It seems…clunky. Is there another way to do this other than drawing a texture of a dialogue box to the HUD?

  2. Let’s say I wanted the dialogue to trigger and disable most of the player’s input, but at the same time the only way to continue the game would be to click the left mouse button. Using a “Disable Input” node freezes the left mouse button and how one would set up such a system to begin with (do I simulate a pause… on trigger → draw texture → pause → Left Mouse Button to unpause game and make dialogue box disappear…)?

  3. With all that said, how would one create a conversation? When in a trigger → dialogue texture appears → press Left Mouse Button → new texture → Left Mouse Button → Gameplay Resumes…

Alright I lied there are three roadblocks.

Any ideas are appreciated and feel free to ask for more information.

~ Jason

Thats what UMG widgets are perfect for. You can set an input mode for Widgets only for example. With a widget switcher you could switch from your different dialogs (or you create a dynamic one)

I just looked at UMG… I can honestly say I had no idea this was a feature (don’t ask).

It looks promising. I just tested out a little while ago and it seems to be what I want.

Thanks for the suggestion,
~ Jason

Hi Jason Forrester,

It may not be exactly what you are looking for, however I wrote a tutorial on an NPC dialogue system a few weeks ago, it may come in handy. Take a look and see if anything can be of use to you!

Hey Adam,

That’s actually…practically what I was looking for!

I’ll report back if I have any additional questions.

It really could be of some help!
Thanks for the tutorial!

~ Jason

Hey everyone, I am in the middle of making my own Tutorial for a conversation system as I type this! I have already posted one part! If you want to take a look at it here is the link! [TUTORIAL BP] Dynamic Conversation - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums There is a link in my first post with all of the pictures of the BP I am working on, these will help you follow along with the tutorial, but you don’t necessarily need them! I hope everyone likes it! --GMC

Hey GMC,

Thanks for the link. Your tutorial seems to be very well done and I’ll definitely take a look at it.

I have to say, you’d think by now something would have been put on the marketplace (or in a project file) pertaining to dialogue systems.
I think you and Adam should work something out and put something on the marketplace, it could be really helpful to others.

Thank you for the tutorial,

~ Jason

Hi Jason Forrester,

I’m happy to hear my system helped out! Also gmc, you should definitely consider making that a wiki tutorial! You have a ton of great information to share and I think I’ll run through your tutorial later to see what information I can use to improve my own npc system!

Ok, here is the link to the Wiki page for my Tutorial! A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Once I have finished optimizing my BP I will upload a video tutorial along with updated pictures and an updated written tutorial to the wiki!

I look forward to reading it once I get a bit of spare time! May be when I’m at home :smiley:

Good job, gmc. I look forward to reading it.

Thanks again for both of your tutorials!

~ Jason