Development Server compilation and Debuging ...

Is there a specific reason why you want to use sandboxed cooking? To be honest I don’t even know what sandboxed cooking does or what it’s used for. I thought you just wanted to step through the server code.

Also I’m on 4.1.1, directly compiled from GitHub.

The point of using the sandbox is its designed for debuging… Running the packaged (should be) for more finalized testing.

Expection was Project files created give you multiple configurations for different stages of development and I expected them to work. The best I have been able to determine and after finding a few other posts I had missed, the provided enviroments do not all work…

Pretty simple actually, they don’t work even tho they have provided them. I’ve been working for quite a few years from Orge ending with T3D. T3D may not be as nice an engine but it has been far easier to work with and modify/debug then this has been by a big stretch. Being locked into naming conventions for projects I can live with as they have so much automated setups going, but I least expected if the generated project includes Debug Game / Debug Client / Debug Server, you would expect they would compile/load/debug… They don’t :slight_smile:

The sandbox is to allow you to quickly make changes and just cook the current changes and run debug, current setup requires a full package after any changes to content to test those in Debug server mode. Not very efficient. The sandbox will work for Simplified games that have Non-Dedicated server setups, it is not a good setup for anything else yet. This is also an issue if you start splitting server / client code with the naming locks, at least it looks that way so far. Good example is running two debuggers to debug both client and server at the same time.

Using T3D I currently already have a Master Server / Dedicated Game Server / Client all running at the same time with 3 instances of the debugger. Yes I do have a game in working condition, The Master Server code was my own creation from the base T3D code that connects to 2 different MySql databases and manages multiple instances of Dedicated servers transfering clients at login to the correct server. The code base I setup also is 3 completely seperate C++ code with duplicated Content. I create content in the editor, then just drop it in for the dedicated server to use. Mind you I dont do anything to the content (cooking) to protect the code yet at this time as it only needs to be protected on the client at a later date. The server doesnt need protected content.

This code design has been giving me major headaches. I was expecting a really clean design coming over to UE4 and instead have been having to hunt for simple information like how to compile a Dedicated server and run it in Debug mode, not very impressive for such a well known engine.

I was alos hoping this would be a simple thing to connect it to my Master Server system as it is all TCP Socket system, which means it isn’t reliant on any specific code at either end, just correct tcp connections and data transfer, but the available information on the socket system is scarce to none. That is where debug mode comes in as you can test things easily and see when mistakes or issues come up. I do give a bg thumbs up to T3D and its network code, its clean and it works both UDP/Tcp… Its that simple and its well documented.

One caveat, the provided project configurations may all work, just not easily without knowing things that are missing gems of valuable information for us the developers. For example: why is \localization dir not being copied over when I do a sandbox cook? I’ve looked and actually found one post about it, so maybe I’ve missed a step that others have done by accident? Mybe I just went in and did things like Unchecked or just compiled the game project instead of the whole solution. I don’t expect I have to recompile the base engine as well every time I change something in the game source…

Consider this my last post on this subject…

Full Packaging of the Game (ShooterGame) properly creates the WindowsNoEditor\engine\content\Localization dir… so it is an issue it looks like with the SandBox Cooking system as it doesn’t create it when you do the it with just the simple cooking… So it doesn’t look like it was anything I did!

Sorry to see this without any feedback from Epic. I too have T3D background and it was a lot easier there for sure.

Hi SteeleDriver, do you have any news on the subject. I’m having the same problem for a while now and just didn’t use it because i thought it was bugged. Lets hope they fixed it for 4.3 as i would really like to launch the game in DebugGame configuration directly.