DestructibleMesh of Torus-like shape blocks the hole

I have a torus-like static mesh which has no collision.

And I created a destructible mesh of this torus shape.

Fracturing is OK, but created destructible mesh blocks the hole of torus.
If I shoot the bullet right through the hole, the torus goes to destroyed.

I explained using torus, but actually, I want to create destructible mesh of windowed wall.
(yeah, one of the torus-like shapes)

Is it something like bug??

If there are something that I missed, please let me know!

did you check your collision mesh? perhaps this is closed and triggers the collision?
try an open collision shape made from a couple of shapes

Thank you for your reply.

I tried again using frame only window mesh.
It has no collision, and only enables ‘Use complex collision as simple’ option.

Then I created destructible mesh from this static mesh, without no any special DM settings, except enabling impact damage.

For the StaticMeshActor, I can jump into the hole. I can even shot my weapon.

For the DestructibleActor, If I shot my weapon to the center of mesh, It crumbled.

Weapon collision has no problem.

The funny thing is, If I toggle on the collision presentation of viewport, static mesh shows the purple colored collision lines, but destructible mesh does not show any collision shapes.

I think, destructible meshes have their own unique collision system…

There is a feature request in for Custom Collision shapes for the base mesh of a destructible with this ticket: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-6140)

The unfractured base mesh will only use a single convex hull for its collision. So meshes with holes in them will not have correct collision for these areas. You would want to swap out the mesh and the destructible on impact or within the range of the player to simulate this. Alternatively, you could author your content around these types of issues as well and use some of the flag in the DM editor to allow chunks sections to hold together.


Oh, I see. Thanks to your kind response.
And the issue is backlogged… it’s very sad thing T^T

Unfortunately, destructibles are just not a priority at the moment for feature development, but hopefully one day.