Dedicated Server Setup

I’m having trouble trying to find an official guide to how to actually set up a dedicated server file that can be run on a server. I’ve found some community made guides but they aren’t really up to date. Since there are some cool networking features added to the new version i was wondering if there is something like that. If anyone can give me any pointers on how to go about this, it would be really appreciated.

That is up to date. As far as i know it literally hasn’t changed, and is very easy. All you need to do is add the build targets into your project and compile…

Thanks for replying. I’ve been having some trouble enabling online play with this. Although everything worked fine for when i hosted locally, once I used my public IP address it didn’t work. The server didn’t receive any connections nor did the level map load. I’ve even tried uploading the server to a vps but had the same results. Do you know of anything i might have done wrong here? I followed the guide step by step and it just can’t seem to work out.

If anyone comes across this problem, make sure to do port-forwarding. It should work in the end.

Yeah, unfortunately that page has been removed from the wiki, I get this message on that link:

“The page you’ve requested isn’t available as some of the pages from our current community wiki have been removed, but we look forward to having updated content on our new community Unreal Engine wiki, which is currently under development. Stay tuned!”