Daz studio and how it might be something worth looking at.

You could use a premade MakeHuman model for that. You must be sure to not use any of their morphs, or use a model from Blendswap that has been released as CC0.

Finally got around to set up and dress the Genesis 3 female model and added some Sub Surface materials.

At least nice looking hair continues to be an issue and a proper hair shader would be nice.

Any ideas of getting this…

with what we got?

The texture maps included in the hair are intended for a different rendering model. You can do what you did to kinda find the right slots to put them in, but for the best effect they will need to be modified for the particular hair system you are using. I am not really sure where to begin, as Hair usually has a different material for every single rendering style. It might be easier to “render” the good hair from Daz onto a low poly set of hair and textures. Or not. You could try it, and see if that gives you the effect you want.

Mr.FrankieV may i have your opinion on Daz/poser? If I wanted to make an animated show like RWBY( is it possable I could use UE4 Matinee or do i have to use Iclone?