Day and night cycle with moon

Hello, I’m trying to make a real time game. I’m pretty new to unreal and its blueprints. I’d like to get started on a day/night cycle but I can’t. I’m not too sure about where to start and I’m not too sure what to do. I need help. I really want this Day/Night cycle because the game is supposed to be realistic.

Is there anyone who can help me?
I would also like a moon in the sky because there is none, so is there a possibility that I can have that to along with the night?

Its very complicated, and requires some advanced knowledge how engine features work.

You can find few examples of it in forums, wiki and marketplace.

But anyway you need good knowledge of lightning, materials, post processing, blueprints or c++ to understand, use and modify them for your purposes.

I haven’t gotten into doing the moon using the starter content skybox, at least not yet. I figure there should be a way to replicate the code that puts the sun in the sky, but changing the visuals to a moon and inverting the location on the sphere relative to the sun.

There should things you can purchase from the marketplace if you’re able to spend money on the solution, otherwise I would do some searching on some wiki’s and YouTube as to creating a realistic day night cycle.

Here’s a 3 part playlist on day/night cycle stuff I’ve found. I hope its useful.

Really great, thank you!

I made a video on how to setup a simple time of day system with a moon.
this part explains the time of day system and the next video explains how to add a moon.