Datasmith Feature Requests

Please also have a look to latest BLUI version:

It supports natively PDF rendering, and seems best method to do everything.

Credits obviously to @getnamo

PS: I have some problems to figure out to compile an exe version with this plugin included. If anyone has ideas howto, would be really pleasant.

  • I have several models in a .udatasmith file
  • After import, I use “convert selected components to blueprint class”

Now I want to update some of my models…

  • Regardless if I use Datasmith or Dataprep, the entire scene is re-spawned in the level
  • Now I have to delete it every time and ignore these “break reference” warnings.
  • Also, in my blueprint actors, meshes not present in the update remains, which means they’re not cleaned out from the content folders either.

It’s a super annoying workflow! :frowning:

EDIT: Just now also discovered that despite me attempting to clean out static meshes that I removed, I still get this BUT ONLY ON A SHIPPED PACKAGE of my project…


EDIT: Ok, so I just deleted all datasmith imports (except the dataprep asset), cleared out all datasmith actors and static meshes from my blueprints, re-imported everything again, and re-did the whole convert to blueprint and copy components dance detailed above, and still I get this…

LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 2598]
Missing import of (/Game/CRPG/Levels/Dungeon/Sewers): DatasmithActorTemplate_51 in Package /Game/CRPG/Blueprints/Tiles/Dungeon/CellarCorner was not found, but the package exists.

It seems that Datasmith/Dataprep imported geometry and actors, converted to Blueprint actors, can’t handle being copy pasted into existing Blueprint actors with custom classes? That’s quite a limitation if so…

EDIT: This seems to be a blueprint nativization bug! Possibly (since I’ve talked to folks and I see other issues popping up as well) related to this, although I’m still seeing it in preview 6…

I would strongly suggest some workflow improvements for partial updates. Unless I’m being really dense and I’m missing something very obvious, when you make changes only to a few elements on the model you need to export the entire datasmith file again (which can take north of 15 minutes for really large projects)

The only way I found of speeding up that process is by splitting the model into several datasmith files, which is definitively not ideal and rather error prone if you’re not extremely meticulous.

That makes it really difficult to work with datasmith when iterating on the project design, something that is very fast and straightforward with Lumion and (to a slightly lesser extent) TwinMotion.

Compliments for the way Datasmith evolved over the years. I tested it in the beginning but it didn’t work for me at that time and I stuck to a fbx workflow. Its much better now.

Requests for SketchUp;

  • export selected
  • reuse the groups names from SketchUp for the geometries in UE so you can use the names (filter contains) in the actions when using dataprep. At the moment nicely named objects in SketchUp are converted to group_1 group_2 etc.

We’ve looked into this and whilst it looks good, it doesn’t currently work building to Hololens2

Hi David,
I solved with this one

Have a look

@FrankiePibbs - Thanks we’ll take a look at your plugin again for this as I believe previously HL2 wasn’t working as expected.

We are also interested in how we could replicate a browser window to multiple users - (not just the URL) - if anyone has had any thoughts on this. We’ve struggled with how this may replicate as you can’t replicate the texture every frame etc as that would really strain the replication system.

  • anyway perhaps this musing is better directed outside of the DataSmith forum!

Previous Datasmith plugin has the feature ‘Conversion Option’. The integrated Datasmith for Unreal Engine 4.25.3 doesn’t have that option!