Dataset samples

Dataset samples

Can I get some data samples to try RealityCapture with?

Yes, you can navigate to Free datasets - Capturing Reality and check the whole list of sample datasets.

All of the datasets here include also PPI licenses, which means that you can process them and also export the results in a PPI mode completely for free. You can download the application also for free directly from our website DownloadNow - Capturing Reality .

You can download some sample datasets directly in the application as well.

Navigate to the help section in the app (press F1) or use the dropdown menu in the top right corner of each layout window and search for “Quickstart”. Once the dataset is downloaded, inputs are automatically loaded into the application along with the PPI license.

Free dataset link issue at: Free datasets - Capturing Reality
‘Small Relief’ links to Tree Stump.

Thank you for noticing.