CustomAnimSlot pauses rest of the anim tree while playing

I have a simple anim tree for my first person arms, which uses an AnimNodeBlendByProperty to blend between idle and sprinting anims.

I also use a CustomAnimSlot to play specific anims, like reloading, equiping, firing, etc:

The issue I have is that when I’m playing a custom anim, the blend between the idle and sprint pauses until the custom anim has finished.

The means that if the player is sprinting, then starts reloading the weapon and then stops sprinting, once the reload anim has finished it then plays the blend between the sprinting to idle, even though the player stopped sprinting some time ago.

Is there anyway that I can have the sprint/idle blending occurring while custom anims are playing?

Please ignore this post. Turns out it WAS blending at the same time, it’s just I wasn’t triggering bIsSprinting during my reload state.

Sorry for the hasty post :rolleyes:

Heh, you’re not the only one who suffers from self-helping syndrome. :slight_smile: