Custom License - no response

Hello, I have made a custom license inquiry, but I am not receiving any response. I would like to work out a custom license for my game before I start using UE, can you help?

Thank you

Hello tofuscrambled. I have also made a custom license inquiry and have not received a response. Did anyone ever reach out to you or did you find another way to get in touch with them? Cheers

Epic have let the Unreal forums become a wasteland. :stuck_out_tongue: So you’re unlikely to get anywhere posting here tbh. You could try Pinging / PM’ing a mod and see if that helps. If not, just keep trying the support emails, and if that all fails then try Reddit or Twitter or anywhere but here. :wink:

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A custom license is unlikely to be available unless your expected payment to them is $1M or more (rough numbers.)
If you have the appropriate amount of resources, then you should contact their business development team, which is not on the forums, but in an actual office (or series of offices.)
If everything else fails (try LinkedIn!) you might want to at Joe Krainer on Twitter to establish connections.

H i ajclay4, nothing happened from my posts on this forum. On the Unreal Engine AnswerHub, if I remember well, I found some contact emails there, and I may also have posted a thread. I also messaged mods in the forum here. Finally, someone sent me an email, but they did not agree to a custom license, they told me to try again when the game has progressed more, or maybe you need more resources like jwatte said.

thanks everyone for the replies. much appreciated. we’re only looking for a custom license for twinmotion. jwatte do you think that would still require the $1M payment? i’ll also try finding Joe K as you mentioned. thanks!

You will probably never get a response. We are waiting for 7 years for a response to UDN access. With every month submitted one request since 7 years ago.