Custom Input Devices Question

I’m trying to learn Unreal, and as part of that I’m looking at making a custom input device, so I started here:

I added it to Engine/Plugins/Developer/BlankInputDevicePlugin

When I run the engine I get:
“Plugin ‘BlankInputDevicePlugin’ failed to load because module ‘BlankInputDevicePlugin’ could not be found. Please Ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.”

Is there a good place to get some starter code for a custom input device that will build?

I also went ahead and looked here:

Unfortunately, that didn’t provide me with any code that would compile either. I added some notes to the page in the talk section, but no responses. Specifically:

  • Where is “PseudoActorObject.h”? It is referred to in /Plugins/PseudoController/Source/PseudoController/Classes/PseudoActor.cpp but not specified here and not part of the engine.
  • Also, where is “FPseudoControllerPlugin::PseudoInput” defined? I can’t find it in the class definition of FPseudoControllerPlugin.

I’m having a really hard time getting a hold of a good solid example of code that adds base functionality of a controller that doesn’t just use a pre-existing controller device. I can find plenty of tutorials on how to use the kayboard and mouse as input devices, but none on making a new device. Is there anywhere you guys can point me to look?