Custom Gesture Recognition

No worries, I was also a bit hard. Hadn’t slept well in a long time and was on a 12 hours flight with a quite irritating neighbor behind me. :wink:
So as I said earlier, gonna be tough for me to rewrite everything at the moment, but I’m willing to supervise/help out anyone who feel like taking the challenge as long as it gets released under MIT for everyone to enjoy.

Deams this is super cool. I was wanting to build something just like this. Looking at the code and reading the paper, I’m glad you did it (it’s all a bit beyond me). Props!

Hi there!

I started playing with your gesture plugin and I’m trying to save the gesture data to a file so they will be ready on game start.
I’ve set the VRGestureRecognition component variaible TemplateFilePath to a full local path (C: est emplate.txt) and a relative one (. est emplate.txt or template.txt) but I can’t see any file.

Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing cool code!

Thanks Lukefwilson! :slight_smile:
It’s a pretty good start, but I still believe there’s ways to improve it to get it game ready.

Hi Atlasan,

The current version does not support saving gestures at the moment, that’s why you don’t get a file.
I was hoping to get the time to start working on a more optimized implementation but got sidetracked by work…

If you want to add support it, I encourage you to fork the repo and write a serialization of the class VRGestureTemplate.
Once you loaded a new gesture, simply re-evaluate the min/max values for the space coordinate as done in UVRGestureRecognizer::StopRecordingGesture().

Very good work! :).
I need some informations about the implementation: what machine learning technique did you use to classify?? Did you use another type of solution?
Could you give me more specific information about the plugin structure? I have to insert these informations in my master thesis…I would be grateful

Hi PJ22,
I would advise you to check the “Credits” section of the top post, but in short, the plugin is using a particle filter approach with a custom metric.

can i save the gesture so that i can use it when i restart the game?

Finally, I can create my own gestures to use in games. Just curious, can this plugin be used outside VR or it’s VR only? For example, creating custom gestures to use in mobile games, like that of Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire ( ) or ( )