Creation of enemies?


Where can we find information about creating enemies? Pawns?
All available community created content is using copied and pasted pawns created by Epic’s shooter example.

I looked at the example but its using classes not available in a new game.
Where can we find information about creating enemies from the start to finish?

Thank you

Hi Crocopede,

Take a look at this tutorial by Peter L. Newton.

I hope it helps, TJ


Thank you. My confusion comes in where do we actually start? For example are enemies pawns? Lets say i never worked with UE before which is the case.

Even though that tutorial touches on deeper mechanics it assumes you know what an enemy is. It does not answer the questions i have on how to go about the basics.

What would really help me out a lot is a simple few steps to explain the general jest of things
For example
1: Create a pawn Blueprint
2: Add enemy character (skeletel mesh component), Capsule, weapons
3: Add Animation Blueprint (With blendspace and or AnimMontages)

When i looked at the Shooter example i was unable to establish how they went about setting up the initial bot as it extends from the player. It also uses classes not normally available.

Does that mean all we need is a BP with a Pawn class? As i understand pawns are “alive” subjects
Apologies for being a pain. My brain does tend to over-complicate things quite a lot. Just to give you an example… dancing. Dancing to me is impossible because my brain does not understand the concept behind why you are moving in a specific way and not another.

Ahh i eventually figured out i need to set the AIController Class to AIController.
Getting somewhere now. Thank you Mr Ballard

You’re welcome, I’m glad you figured it out. If you have anymore questions feel free to post back here.

Thanks, TJ