Creating custom blueprint nodes?

So I was using the blueprints system and I saw a node called launch character. Or move component to. I want to know how would I actually build or program something sime like move component to. Would it require A lot of programming knowledge ? Ilike blueprints they are great. I just don’t understand how custom ones are creates. Im new to programming where should I start if that’s all I want to know how to do? Creating a custom blueprint node? And if I was to do it do I need a lot of programming knowledge ?

as you think, yes you need some c++ knowledge. Here are afew links to give you an idea :

I got them all from the documentation :
Don’t hesitate to bookmarks and abuse this more than usefull link ^^ (and all others links related you can have, for example, in learn tab of the launcher)

Take a look at rama’s dedicated threads in this forum (most are in community section) too.

And don’t hesitate to share your creations with community if you give it a try. We are fans of innovatives !

Il take a look at these. Cause i want to do , more complex things like creating a custom launching character into the air, similar to the launch player node.

Select Bunch of nodes, right click, collapse to macro.
Edit macro to have variable names you like.
Create macro library, move your macro there.
Now you have custom node.

Or go Fens route with C++.

There is also a function library, but you need to supply a world context object in most of the cases