Creating a Loading Screen While Level Loads

So I am currently developing a level for my game which is loaded from the main menu which is on a separate level, Right now when I click the button it can take up to 5 seconds to load the level completed and until then the user is just stuck staring at the main menu.

I know its not much but I was wondering is there anyway to build in a REAL loading level (Not just a UMG widget that pops up with a 2 second delay or whatever)
I mean a real one that stays up until the level is ready**

I have looked around and found tutorials transferring between levels but none going from a main menu to the level itself

Any help you guys can offer would be great

You’re in luck, I did this tutorial literally a day or so ago. This is as real as a loading screen can get, and it’s also the best way.

I didn’t try this one, but it seems like a pretty smart solution:

try taking a look at this plugin…ueprint-plugin!

this is a four(4)! year old thread.