Creating a Bird's Eye View Map


I’m entirely new to Unreal Engine, and I believe it’s a great software for the project I have. I want to create a map with a bird’s eye view very similar to the one linked below, and was wondering how I’d go about doing it in the engine, what I’d have to learn, if you’d recommend any additional software to export the map, and if it’d be possible to show it via web without a player.
(Click on “Explore the Map”)

Thank you!

I myself am trying to do something similar. I’m trying to have a 2nd monitor act as a birds eye view of the level, and then I want to overlay some 2D shapes on top. So far I’ve put together that I can use a camera called SceneCapture2D to get the 2D birds eye view image:

And that I can use something like ProjectWorldToScreen to get pixel coordinates of stuff on screen incase you want to put a HUD icon over an actor on the screen or whatever:

I think the last bits of knowledge that I’m trying to piece together is how you go and create a 2nd monitor to display the birds eye view, and how to go and set the altitude of the SceneCapture2D so that it captures the whole level and nothing else.