Create a UInterface


I’m wondering how to create a UInterface since it doesn’t appear in the Editor Class Wizard.
I tried creating blank class and then adding the code to it (using Victor’s Use System Tutorial) but i obviously have no generated.h file so i can’t compile.

Thank you for your help.

#Interfaces C++ Wiki

Have you seen my interfaces tutorial?



Hello Rama !

I’ve seen your tutorial but i can’t get any way to add my class to my project. For any other class (extending actor, pawn or whatever), i’m using the Editor Class Wizard (from UE : file → add code to project → select the class i want to inherit from). However, in the case of creating an interface, i can’t find any parent class called UInterface or anything close to an interface.
As i said previously, if i create a blank class i don’t have the generated.h file with all the magic linking my class to UE ^^

So my question is not how to implement it but just how to create and add it to my project since Interfaces doesn’t appear in the “Add code to project” helper.

You have to create the files in explorer then add to your project in visual studio. The “Add code to project” wizard cannot do UInterface’s yet. Im guessing it will be added in the future, maybe

Can’t get it compiled I jsut get a bunch of different compilation errors about an overall errournous syntax. I added it via add c++ with no parent class. But the tutorial doesn’t work in any way.