Create a Top-Down Shooter/RPG

Anyone have any good links or collection of tutorials on making a top down game stashed away?

I am leaning towards using the Unreal Engine.

I have Zbrush and Maya so i can make the 3d art assets, i just don’t know how to apply them.

This will be my first time creating a game, i saw a tutorial on how to code the mouse to move the player where you click it which sparked my interest in making a game, but it was using the Unity Engine. I would be fine with using either, but i would like to know what the more experience lot has to say about this situation.

Would love as much info as possible, thank you!!

*I am looking for references to guide me along the process for example: Code programs you use or anything else people with more experience than me use to create such a game.

There are both a Top Down example and a Twin Stick Shooter example provided by Unreal if you make a new project. If you want to see video guides check out this link or check the youtube channel

For art stuff read this documentation FBX Content Pipeline | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation Unreal has something to use with Maya for rigging but I don’t remember the location at the moment.

Epic Games have an excellent Top Down Shooter tutorial series on Youtube: - YouTube
It introduces you to both C++ and Blueprints as well, so you can decide which you prefer… or even use both. :slight_smile: