Create a rolling ball controller (top-down like "Waves")? Example included.

Thanks guys!

Anyone know a good way to get started with the aiming mechanics (like having a crosshair attached to the cursor)?

Thanks Ori! The level of support here is amazing!

Here’s my setup, and when I start playing mode it seems like the camera is not centered !
My goal isn’t a top view game, my ball is going to jump and move in a track very fast, so I think rotation+transitions would be better :slight_smile:
since the top game view is restricted to x-y axises it’s better to use physics to give ball the most realistic movements !
but in my case it’s a third person camera view, correct me if I’m wrong but I think for my game it’s better to use animation/rotation+ transitions instead of physics/forces/impulses !

Is “Use Controller View Rotation” unchecked on the spring arm and camera?

ys, both of them are unchecked

how are you guys setting the mass of your meshes? , I was going to say ballz but it got censored:p, I was just wondering if I’m doing it the same way as you.

I didn’t need to add an arrow as the camera target, might be an unnecessary step, I just made the spring arm a child of the mesh and it worked fine.

how so ?
is the camera bumping in a crazy way or rotating around the mesh ?
if not, would you mind post your blueprint component setup :slight_smile: ?

see for yourself;).

the ball movement doesn’t look smooth because I recorded at 200 FPS and converted to 50 FPS, it actually moves perfectly smooth.

I think the reason your cam is acting like that (looking at your component setup above) is because you changed the position of the springarm (that’s what happened to me to:p), make sure the springarm position is right at the centre of your mesh (like in the pic below) and change the offset of the cam in the camera component settings instead.


hope it helps:)

just out of curiosity can you tell me how your setting the mass of your ball?


a little side note: my ball is a physics actor so I don’t know if you will need the camera target or not but what I said about the springarm should (fingers crossed) fix your problem (if you haven’t already fixed it), you might also need to change the Z offset of your base component so the centre of your mesh is on the grid like mine.

that would be awesome…
edit I got a perfect Force Driven ball now… However I can’t get the camera to stop bouncing It appears it is spinning with the ball just slightly. producing a bounce.

Ok… I can’t figure out why my ball camera is bouncing… I have tried everything I can think of. What does the Target do? It seems that when i’m moving it bounces… My Class tree is Root->Mesh->spring arm → camera all nested perfectly… yet my camera is wacko… My force control is pretty sweet though.

read my last post above, doing what I said before should fix your camera bounce issue.

I will give it a shot… again… it is like it isn’t completely centered with it, but I don’t know how to ensure i’m totally centered. other then what i’m doing and resetting it…
Does the Root Mesh (sphere ) need to be the same size as my ball? I am struggling to line them up, my Sphere mesh is off like 50 on the Z axis as my root mesh.
I think my camera bounce is 100% from not being centered as its trying to spin around with the ball ever so slightly but I can’t seem to align them no matter what? any tips

well another update: My ball does not bounce left and right Only when I move forward or backward… ugg

On mine If I don’t have “use Controller view rotation” checked on the spring arm It spins the entire world.

Here is a new Problem I wonder if any of you have encountered.
While using the phsyics actor as your player, have you tried adding a Moveable floor? I tried with the 400x400 architecture floor, made a simple mantiee with it and I just go right through it…
Im totally lost… a NORMAL player character doesn’t seem to have any issue. just my physics actor ball

Hello there, I’m having severe problems with my attempts to create this, for some reason if I enable gravity and the simulate physics on the mesh, the mesh itself will disappear, but if I remove the sphere collision that is at the top of the stack in the components, the mesh will appear and fall, but it will obviously not collide with anything despite the fact that the static mesh has sphere collider in the static meshes settings. I have tried setting an empty static mesh at the top of the component stack as well but that has the same results.

I had actually forgot about this thread and the ball game I was making:p.

anyway I just checked to see if my old project still worked and it did so I had a look at my components and I found I cant turn simulate physics on for the mesh, I can only turn it on for the root sphere. also my mesh has no collision, all the collision and physics stuff is applied to the sphere and the mesh just moves with the sphere because its a child of it.

maybe this can help you

Alright so silly me didn’t set the collision properties of the mesh to a physics actor, that was my only issue, now it works fairly well.

Also thanks Mhousse1247 but that is sorta not the effect I was looking for…

I’d like to know how you acheived this, i’m trying to make a simple pawn inheriting from pawn to move…it doesen’t move. If i make a pawn inheriting from default pawn it flies and has strange behaviour. What class is that ball, inherting from which class? Thanks for reply