Create 4km x 7km map. How?


I want to create a Landscape with a size of 4 km x 7 km. How i can do that ?
I have read the documentation but i can’t understand how to do it…


Try creating a 7km X 7km map and removing 3 km from one side. This can be achieved using the “Delete” tool under: Landscape Edit Mode → Manage Tab → Landscape Edit Panel → Delete (Default is select)

That is my main question: How i can create 7km X 7km map ?

Your question was how to create a 4km x 7km map. Am I to understand you are requesting how to make exact map sizes instead of being bound to the unit sizes of landscape?

My recommendation would be to create 28 levels each containing 1km x 1km landscape and use world composition.

I would also recommend using world machine to create your base landscape:

I hope this is helpful. Apologies for not understanding your original question.